Dr. Ori Cohen

Currently, I'm a senior director of data & data science at Justt.ai, where I founded the data group. The group has four teams and is accountable for data science, MLOps, data engineering, business intelligence, and data analytics.

Previously, I did a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on machine learning and brain-computer-interface (BCI); and was a lead data scientist at New Relic TLV in the field of AIOps & MLOps, going back a few years, I led a data-science domain in a smart-city startup primarily doing natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) research, using machine and deep learning.  

I am the author of the Machine & Deep Learning Compendium, which started around 2017 as a private list of resources in a single document without any intention of opening it up to the public. Today, it includes many topics, such as links, and summaries in the fields of statistics, machine learning, deep learning, computer science, data science, deep vision, NLP, cloud computing, product management, and others. the majority of modern machine learning algorithms, feature selection and engineering techniques, deep-learning, NLP, audio, vision, time series, anomaly detection, experiment management, and much more. In addition to strategic topics such as data science management and team building.

I am the author of the State Of MLOps, which is an exhaustive list of companies in the world of MLOps monitoring and their segmentation by personas, supported data type (tabular, image, audio, etc), product features (data integrity, data quality, health, drift, bias & fairness, XAI, etc), product focus (data-centric or pipeline centric), total funding to date (Aug 2021), company type (startup, open-source, corporate) and more.

I have been published in academic, industry, and game development books. I write frequently on Medium.com, about managing, processes, and all things data science

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